This process crosses the material feed with the rotating direction of the abrasive belt. Presanding across the grain and resanding in longitudinal direction obtains an excellent leveling effect on surface. The cross sanding is a value added process that simply cuts off raised fibers of veneer and allows drastically decrease the need of paints and varnish. Furthermore, taping paper can be better removed than the wide belt.

Contact drum with steel or rubber coating in various shoe hardness, depending on the sanding job to be performed. Hard rubber coating for precise thickness controlling. Soft rubber coating for veneer and lacquer sanding. The contact drums are adjustable for various abrasive applications.

This unit with electromagnetic pressure beam produces high quality fine sanding, be easily work for thickness tolerance variations in veneered and lacquered parts, for a consistent material removal.

This working unit ensures to perform an optimum finish for wood and lacpuer sanding. Thanks to have a wide area of contact and a pressure belt, interposed between the pad and the sanding belt, which allows oscillation marks are considerably reduced.

This unit is very suitable for a high level of the sanding finish on panels, are positioned inside the machine frame each in place of a working unit. Oscillation functioning is standard to efficiently complete polishing / cleaning and to increase operational life.

Type of operational material available:

1.Scotch-Brite 2.Nylon filaments 3.Abrasive blade 4.Other required

The use of an industrial PC with Touch Screen display makes the machine control comfortable and easy. All machine functions are monitored and controlled by graphic symbols on the screen.

A program memory ensures a fast machine conversion to different working tasks by storing values under a certain program number.

A fault-finding system enables the operator to find and solve quickly machine errors and errors in operation.

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